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Planned Brewery

Hello Beer Lovers, we are designing a modest sized 3.5 bbl Brewhouse and Tap Room right here in North Stafford, Virginia. Each batch of beer will be individually hand crafted for your exclusive enjoyment.

Our Beer Standard

Simple ingredients and a traditional, hands-on approach to brewing is how Barley Naked crafts each of our beers, and all are designed to please even the purist.  It is simply perfection in each pint.  That is what Barley Naked Brewing Company is all about ~ minimal ingredients, traditional recipes, and a fundamental brewing approach designed to deliver beer that’s perfect for everyday drinking and sharing. Life is far too complicated and way too short, so drink Barley Naked, smile, relax and enjoy our beers with your Barley Naked friends.



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Barley Naked Brewing Company

15 Tech Pkwy, Stafford, Virginia 22556, United States

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